The Heart Wall

The following is a portion of Chapter 7 of the free Emotion Code E-book. I highly recommend reading this chapter above all other chapters – it can change your life. This chapter starts on page 231 – the following article highlights parts of the chapter:

The Heart-Brain

Your heart generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain, easily making it the most powerful organ in your body. When you were in the womb, your heart was formed first, before your brain. Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day, 40 million times a year, and if its connection to your brain were severed, it would keep right on beating.

Your heart is the core of your being, the core of who you really are.

New research shows that your heart is much more than a mere pump. In the 1970s, scientists learned that the heart has an elaborate nervous system, a discovery that has led to the creation of a new branch of medicine known as neurocardiology. The fact is, we all have two brains.

Much to these scientists’ surprise, they discovered that the brains in our heads are obeying messages sent by “the brains in our hearts.

Your heart is constantly sending out information to your body. Every beat carries critical messages that affect your emotional and physical health.

When you feel love toward someone, you are actually sending out a powerful electromagnetic signal to them, using the heart brain.

Medical research experiments have repeatedly shown that there are measurable positive effects on the body when we feel love and appreciation toward someone else. The same beneficial affect occurs in your own body when you are on the receiving end – when love and appreciation are being broadcast toward you.

Scientists have discovered that the electromagnetic signals radiating from your heart are actually detectable in the brain waves of another person.This phenomenon is strongest when two people are touching or are in close proximity but is measurable at a distance as well.

For several decades, medical science has had the remarkable ability to transplant organs from one person’s body to another. But remember the story of the World War II veteran and his blood cells. If a person’s individual cells keep their connection so strongly no matter where they are, think what a connection an entire organ must retain!

We’ve all heard stories about transplant recipients who suddenly take an interest in a certain sport, or who have an unexplained craving for their donor’s favorite food.

Heart transplant patients have reported these symptoms from the beginning, but doctors have had no way to understand it, so they attributed it to the patients’ imaginations.

Try telling that to the transplant patient who has never liked hot dogs or baseball, but who now can’t get enough of them since he received the heart of an avid White Sox fan. Or the woman who can’t keep from crying every time she hears a certain song, a song which meant nothing to her before her transplant.

The heart has its own unique intelligence. It can think, feel and remember.

There is now considerable evidence that the heart contains memories and feelings. A large number of heart transplant recipients have reported new food and drink preferences and cravings, as well as handwriting changes, musical preferences, and memories that don’t seem to be their own.

Protecting the Core of You

People deal with uncomfortable situations such as these in many ways. Some attack, some retreat, and some hide. But usually, we feel the need to defend and shield ourselves from being hurt.

Your heart is the core of your being. Your subconscious mind knows that it must protect your heart; it must protect your delicate core in any way it can.

Words like “heartache” and “heartbreak” are so- called because of the peculiar physical sensation that occurs in the heart under strong emotional strain. Nearly everyone has felt this sensation at one point or another.

Trapped emotions have substance. They consist of energy, just like everything else. When trapped emotions are created, they must reside somewhere in your body, and sometimes they will lodge in and around your heart.

Your subconscious mind – which knows no limitations – will sometimes use the energy of these trapped emotions to create a barrier or shield around your heart. Literally, it creates a wall of energy around your heart, to protect it.

At first, I puzzled over this process until I realized that the subconscious mind most likely follows certain rules. For example, it is not possible to create a wall out of nothing. In the world in which we live, all things around us are made of energy, and I believe the subconscious mind understands this concept implicitly. All walls that exist in the physical world around us, regardless of the chosen building material, are ultimately made of energy. The Heart-Wall, created by the subconscious mind, is also made of energy. It

just happens to be made of a specific sort of energy, the energy of trapped emotions.

I believe that to the subconscious mind, the Heart-Wall is as real as the chair you are sitting in.

The Heart-Wall exists, it’s just on a slightly different plane of reality than the world we can see with our physical eyes. Does that make the Heart-Wall any less real? I don’t think so.

Children and Heart-Walls

It’s a sad fact of life on this planet, that children often have Heart-Walls, too.

Think how tender and open a child’s heart is when they are little. They are helpless and trusting, and far too often, they are the victims of predatory or abusive adults and sometimes even cruel children. In these cases, Heart-Walls are always found.

Sometimes life is challenging even in wonderful homes and under the best of circumstances. The following letter is from a delightful woman whose son was diagnosed as being clinically depressed. After developing a trapped emotion while witnessing the death of a close friend, a Heart-Wall was formed to keep his poor little heart from entirely breaking.

Nine Years Old, and Depressed

Dear Doctor Nelson,

Several weeks ago I brought my nine-year-old son to see you. He had been exhibiting unusual behavior. He was having difficulty eating, sleeping, and concentrating. He had become angry, negative and pessimistic. School was a nightmare! We tried urging, punishing, rewarding and bribing him to complete his school assignments. When they were finally completed he would not turn them into the teacher. He is a very intelligent boy yet his grades suffered because his assignments were not turned in.

I set up an appointment with his pediatrician to be evaluated. We were then referred to a pediatric neurologist, and then to a psychologist for further review – they concluded that my son was depressed. (Two years ago my son witnessed the drowning of a very close friend and ten months later was whisked away to the funeral of his cousin. Four other relatives were buried within the next six months and I believe these events had a distressing effect on my son. I tried to help him cope with these events, but apparently they were still affecting him.)

When I brought him to see you, he was tested and you determined that he had a “Heart-Wall” causing an emotional imbalance in his body. The MagCreator was used to roll-out each of the negative emotions associated with the Heart-Wall. I do not understand all the scientific aspects of this type of treatment yet I believed I had finally found the answer to the growing problems with my son. After you worked on him he was a little lethargic for a couple of days, but the changes I noticed in his behavior in the weeks that followed were absolutely incredible!

By the end of the first week he was sleeping and eating normally, and was once again happy and enthusiastic. He now completes every homework assignment without any nudging on my part. Our home is much more pleasant – he is helpful, kind and patient. I feel like my sweet little boy has returned!

If skepticism had kept me away from this type of treatment, I would still be parenting a very sad and frustrated little boy with no solution in sight. Instead, I have found a treatment that has literally saved him. Thank you Dr. Nelson for all your help. Your knowledge and expertise in this field and your patience and concern have had a tremendous impact… My heartfelt gratitude to you for all that you have done to heal my son.

Thank you!! – (Name Withheld)

Counting the Cost

The price we pay for having Heart-Walls is incalculable. How many people have led disconnected and lonely lives due to the walls around their hearts? How many people have not experienced the joy of finding love in their lives? How many wives and children have been abused?

Heart-Walls can lead to depression, divorce, and abuse. The patterns of abuse that are created can pass from generation to generation, causing all manner of pain and destructive behavior.

The result of Heart-Walls on a larger scale leads to misunderstanding, prejudice, hatred and brutality. On a global scale, Heart-Walls lead to ethnic cleansing, nation against nation, terrorism, and war.

The Discovery of the Heart-Wall

Have you ever felt that you needed to “put up a wall” to protect yourself in a negative situation? It appears that this common phrase has a basis in reality. We call this phenomenon the “Heart-Wall”, and here is how we were led to discover it.

In March of 1998, my wife Jean and I were in Portland, Oregon, attending a conference on magnetic healing where I was one of the guest speakers.

Early one morning, she woke me to say she’d had a powerful dream. She felt strongly that her dream had a deep meaning, and that it had something to do with her own health.

In her dream, Jean saw a stainless steel order wheel like those found in restaurants and diners. She explained that the wheel had three orders clipped to it. She understood intuitively that each order represented a different issue having to do with her health.

Her subconscious mind knew the meaning of this dream, so I began muscle testing her, asking questions about the orders attached to the wheel. We quickly determined the meaning of the first two health issues. When I turned my attention to the third order on the wheel, something completely unexpected happened.

Suddenly I had a waking vision.

I could see very clearly in my mind’s eye a beautiful, highly polished hardwood floor. Along with this vision came the understanding that Jean’s heart was under this floor!

I could see the floor vividly in my mind. What in the world could this possibly mean?

I asked,“Is there a wall around your heart?” “Yes.”

“Is it made of wood?” “Yes.”

What exactly was this that we were in the process of discovering? Was it something of consequence?

Quieting my mind for a moment led me to ask another question. “Is this wall made up of trapped emotions?”

H e r a r m w a s s t r o n g . Th e a n s w e r w a s “ Ye s .”

Suddenly the symbolic meaning became clear to me. I knew how vulnerable the human heart is to being hurt. I also knew Jean’s past.

Jean had been a sensitive and shy little girl. She had grown up in an imperfect, dysfunctional household like many of us do. While she has some wonderful memories, and while she loved her parents and siblings and knew they loved her, she didn’t feel safe emotionally.

She could never predict what the emotional tone in her home might be from one moment to the next. Anger and harsh words frequently and suddenly erupted over things that should have been inconsequential. She and other family members would find themselves“walking on eggshells” at times like these. She never knew when she or someone else in the family might be lashed out at or blamed for something.

The Creation of Her Heart-Wall

Jean had learned to protect her feelings from childhood. She retreated to safety inside of herself, shutting down her positive feelings, and avoiding connection with those that she felt vulnerable toward.

When there were volatile episodes in her home, she chose to feel fear, resentment and other negative emotions, some of which she expressed, but many that she internalized. Some of these feelings were never fully processed, and they became trapped energies in her body.

While she was consciously doing her best to deal with life, at the same time her subconscious was building a wall, an ultimate protection against her heart being injured again.

Her subconscious mind chose an imaginary wooden floor for her wall, specifically the hardwood that is walked upon. Do you see the symbolism there? The room she grew up in had a hardwood floor, as did much of her house back then, so it was a familiar sight. Her subconscious mind created her Heart-Wall at an early age, but it wasn’t completed for many years.

Each new trapped emotion gave her wall additional thickness and strength.

When the last trapped emotion was released, something very interesting happened that helped Jean move beyond her past and the way that she perceived herself.

Getting Reconnected Again

While Jean’s Heart-Wall protected her heart from damage and hurt, this protection came at a cost.

Having a Heart-Wall left her feeling numb and somewhat isolated. She felt disconnected from others. She wanted to have close friends, and she tried many times, but something was always in the way. She was well-liked, but she found it hard to be at ease with people. She had many associations, but few close friends. In social gatherings, even with people she had known for many years, she invariably felt that she was on the outside looking in, and she was never able to feel like she truly belonged.

When the last trapped emotion was finally released, and her Heart-Wall was gone, there was a profound shift.

“For the first time in my life, I’m not on the outside anymore,” she told me. “I’ve longed to feel this way my whole life. Now I know what it feels like to be part of a circle of friends, part of a group. It’s a very different feeling than I’ve ever had before, and it feels wonderful and right.”

Since that day, these feeling have stayed with her, and have helped her to grow in many ways. We’ve since discovered that releasing someone’s Heart- Wall is often followed by a profound experience of connection with other people.

Much of our personal and spiritual growth comes out of our love and interaction with others. The more open our hearts are, the stronger will be our connection to one another. The more connected we are, the more we can give and receive love, and the stronger and richer our lives will become.

I am so grateful for Jean and her dream that day. Without her, the Heart-Wall might still be completely unknown.

When we began to test other people for Heart-Walls, we found that they are a very common problem. Our experience is that eight out of ten people have one. Chances are, you do, too.

Little Jacob’s Heart-Wall

One of the most touching experiences I had with children is told by a young mother named Meisha. Her three year old son, Jacob had developed a Heart- Wall shortly after his birth and the death of his twin brother. I treated him and released his Heart-Wall in one visit, and later she wrote this testimonial for you to read.

Three and a half years ago I gave birth to twin sons. Nine days following birth they contracted a virus, which ultimately attacked their hearts, leaving them in critical condition for two months. Jordan, the eldest twin, passed away due to multiple complications leaving Jacob, who then quickly recovered enough to come home but with continual problems with his heart.

Not only was Jacob left with heart failure, but with a Heart-Wall made from deep, lasting emotions that were manifested in excessive anger, destructiveness, unhappiness, insecurity and aggression. A day or two following treatment my tender hearted son was back. Friends would comment on how happy he appeared. He was helpful and kind, patient and pleasant. His behavior was polar opposite from when his heavy emotions were weighing him down. I know through continued treatments my dear son will be emotionally healed and allowed to live the happy life that he is entitled to.

– Meisha E., Texas

The Walls Around Our Hearts

There is altogether too much of isolation and violence, too much of sorrow and pain in this world. When I walk down the street, I see so many people with tight, clenched jaws like Paula had or boys with angry, resentful expressions, acting out their pain and frustration any way they can. The news is filled every night with one story after another about people whose hearts must be barricaded behind strong walls for them to do the things they do.

Widespread depression is another common side effect of Heart-Walls and trapped emotions. In the United States alone, it is estimated that between 13 and 14 million people suffer from depression. It is the leading cause of disability in American women. Nearly 15 percent of those women will ultimately commit suicide. Among children and young adults – between 10 and 24 years old – suicide is the third leading cause of death.

By releasing trapped emotions and removing Heart-Walls, we have seen cases of severe depression eliminated once and for all. We have seen marriages saved, abuse stopped, and lives turned around. We’ve seen beautiful, loving relationships begin. We’ve seen kids make better choices. We’ve seen peace restored.

I am so grateful to be able to share what I have learned about trapped emotions and Heart-Walls, and to be able to bring this information to light. There is no doubt in my mind that it comes from above, and is meant to bless many lives in these times that are so trying in so many ways.

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