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My name is Eliza Steeple, my husband is Jay Steeple. We have 5 children, three of which are part of our family practice.

We practice a form of energy healing called The Emotion Code which deals with balancing the body by removing trapped emotions that may be causing underlying and persistent issues such as illness, chronic pain, depression, lack of motivation, blocks to success and more.

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the founder of this amazing work and together as a family we have studied his techniques by meeting and completing the requirements for certification.

We have seen miraculous changes occur in our family, friends and clients like you from all over the world. The results has blessed peoples lives and our lives are blessed in return.Divider

Jay Steeple

We believe that The Body Code is a sacred gift that when used with care, has the power to locate and release trapped emotions and imbalances that prevent us from feeling, giving and receiving love and joy. Our bodies were created with the unique ability to heal itself – and with the help of our Divine Creator, we can remove the unseen baggage, clear the blocks that keep us from progressing and overcome the obstacles that keep us from reaching our full potential.

Our hearts, minds and bodies can be opened – literally clearing the path to receive restored health, renewed spiritual growth, and once again become capable of being who we are meant to be.

Eliza Steeple

Our family is thrilled with the opportunity to get to know you and share with you amazing stories about how this work has changed peoples lives. It has changed our family in very profound ways.

We have always loved helping people find balance and joy in their lives. My name, is Eliza Steeple, and my husband and I have 5 children, and 6 precious grandchildren! Throughout the years we have practiced holistic methods of healing, healthy eating and keeping our family close to God.

Jeremy Steeple


Hi, My name is Jeremy Steeple. I would like to welcome you to our family website! We have a tight knit family, we love to work together, play together and BE together. My parents, above, have been married 36 years and I admire their commitment to each other. I have a great respect for holistic medicine. My parents have always used holistic ways to heal me and my family…except for the time my little sister Jessica was chasing me and I ran into a corner of a wall and needed stitches on my forehead! ?

I am proud to say that my wife and I have two beautiful daughters!

Jessica Steeple


Hello, My name is Jessica Steeple. I am so happy that you are here, seeking to improve your emotional wellness! I have been around the holistic side of health my whole life. My mother has always been committed to alternative medicine and I in turn am leading my young family the same way. I was home schooled my entire school years along with my older brother Jeremy. I grew up in the midwest and have a love for horses and open spaces. I am married and have two daughters; Kaiya who is 14, and Peyton who is 10. A few of my hobbies include, playing piano, dancing and reading.

My guilty pleasures are getting my nails done and chocolate:) My parents have always taught me to be a kind, happy, and nurturing human being and I hope to be an example of those traits as I work with you.

The Emotion Code and Body Code can help you experience increased health and joy in a very short amount of time! We welcome you to our site to learn more about how your life can change by simply removing the emotions that are holding you back from being the best you can be!



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