What to Expect From Your Session


When will your session be completed?

Our time zone is US Pacific Standard Time.  We do all the free heart wall sessions the evening of the day we received your information.


When will you know your session has been completed?

We will email you the results immediately after your session is complete.  If you do not get an email by midnight in our time zone, that means your session will be done the following evening.


How do we connect to you remotely or by proxy?

If you are already familiar with energy work, then you already know that energy does not know distance.  So, whether you are in the same room with us, or across the globe, just by using the information you sent us, we can connect to you.   We created a video for you to see this demonstrated.  You can find this video across the top of this page by clicking on the tab that says – SERVICES – and then a list will show up and then you can choose PROXY DEMO.   Don’t go there yet – keep reading this page first! 🙂


Processing symptoms you may feel after a session:

Your free heart wall session is a complete full session, the same as you  would receive if you were to pay for one.
I mention this because symptoms may be more likely after a full session, than if I were to only do sample releases of  1 or 2 emotions.
Symptoms may occur within a few minutes up to 24 hours after a session.


Here are some of the most common symptoms listed in order of most likely:

1.  Tiredness – ranging from slight to heavy
2.  Cranky – irritable
3.  Spacey and blank
4.  Headache

Remedies – Rest and drink lots of water!  This is why we like to do all our sessions in the evening, to ensure you have rest time!  We know that we can’t match everyone’s time zone, so if your morning is our evening, just be aware you might feel some energy shifts.


After processing symptoms pass (about 24-48 hours to process) – clients have reported a variety of feelings, even after only one session:

1.  Like a load has been lifted
2.  Light
3.  Less anxious
4.  Relaxed
5.  Peaceful
6.  Elevated mood
7.  Clarity of mind
8.  More energy…and more!

How long will these “positive” feelings last?

The release will last forever, however a new feeling like anything new may fade from awareness.
This  happens  only because we bring the new feeling into awareness and amazement and then we go on with life and become less aware over time.
Rest assured however, those changes will remain.
What could and very well may happen is that when we release emotions, (energies), it leaves room for other trapped emotions to shift and move to the forefront.  So… though it may be true that we feel better after releases,  we may start to experience something new that we didn’t notice before, sometimes even more intense.

This is one of the reasons why Dr. Nelson recommends the release of your entire heart wall.

Be on a lookout for your next email from me – that is where you will find your results! 🙂