Tissues that are continually being distorted by a trapped emotion will eventually suffer the effects of it. If you take a magnet and hold it close to an older tube-type television screen or computer monitor, you will see a very visible distortion of the picture. This is because the magnetic field is interfering with the normal flow of electrons within the screen. If you get the magnet too close, or if you leave the magnet there long enough, it will create a permanent distortion and even ruin the screen.

Trapped emotions affect the body in a similar way. After all, the body is energy, and so are trapped emotions. But trapped emotions are a negative energy, and distort the body’s tissues, just as the magnet distorts the picture on the TV screen. Distort the body tissues long-term, and pain and malfunction will be the result. This is why the release of a trapped emotion will often cause immediate relief of discomfort and other symptoms, and possibly the reversal of some diseases.