Targeted Issue Sessions

Working on targeted issues is recommended after removing the heart wall.   However, it is your choice, you may start with a targeted issue if you prefer.

What is the difference between a heart wall removal and a target issue removal?

A heart wall removal targets all the trapped emotions our subconscious chose to use in an attempt to protect us throughout our lives.  It opens the door to healing and receiving.   We recommend removing the heart wall first because we don’t consciously know what issues are hidden in our heart walls, and removing them will ensure that targeted issue work is more effective.

A targeted issue is more specifically related to issues we are consciously aware of.   We choose the issue we want to work on.   Targeted issues may have been part of our heart walls, but when targeted separately, their removal can provide a more profound difference.

Below are examples of how we approach a targeted issue.

Example question format for targeted issues:

  • Do I have trapped emotions contributing to my depression?
  • Do I have trapped emotions causing me to feel like I can’t move forward in life?
  • Do I have trapped emotions that are blocking my ability to attract abundance?
  • Do I have trapped emotions impeding my ability to heal from my illness?
  • Do I have trapped emotions that cause me to be highly irritated around a certain person?
  • Do I have trapped emotions causing pain in my shoulders?
  • Do I have trapped emotions that prevent me from losing weight?
  • Do I have trapped emotions…..(any targeted issue)
Note: When requesting an issue, send it in a question format using the examples above.   This is a very powerful and targeted work, so list a very specific issue, naming people, name of illnesses, location of pain, etc.

Like a heart wall, issues can take several sessions to complete.  However, unlike a heart wall, deeply embedded issues may take many more sessions, sometimes taking weeks and months to completely clear.   With that said, there are still many issues that can be taken care of in just a handful of sessions.

We encourage you to complete an issue that you start working on to get the full benefit of the releases.

We put together bundles for you to choose from for only $39 per session, with a 3 session minimum purchase:

Note: 1 Proxy Session ($67)  is no longer available because we are committed to creating a healing path for you, and 1 session (in most cases) does not sustain a strong enough foundation for complete releases.


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