Case Study:

One of my very first clients came to me in tears with the typical story of spending a lifetime dieting. You know the story… trying different diets, being successful to a degree, but then regaining any weight (plus more) that was lost.

It goes without saying… we all know that diets don’t work. Why? The reason we eat is governed by our subconscious minds. Most of the time, we don’t even know what the underlying cause is… we can only guess by relying on our conscious minds to remember every moment of our life. Not!

After three sessions of releasing trapped emotions that was contributing to this clients urge to overeat, she happily reports that the urge is gone, her appetite is different, and she reports an added benefit of noticing that her food cravings have also changed from junk to healthier choices.

That was 3 months ago.. since then she has lost the 15 pounds she was struggling with and continues to enjoy guilt-free and stress-free meals. No more uncontrollable urges!