We’re meant to live vibrant, healthy lives, filled with love and joy. Of all the emotions, love is the most pure and has the highest vibration. Love, that most powerful and most popular of all the emotions, is both generated by the heart and received by the heart.

When you have a Heart-Wall, you are not able to give love as well as you might, because that love energy that is in your heart cannot get out as well.  At the same time, love that is being radiated toward you by other people is blocked to some degree.  As a result, you can go through your life somewhat insulated from others, because of the emotional traumas you’ve been through and the subconscious wall that literally exists around your heart.

The traumas were genuine enough and there is no doubt that they caused more pain than your body thought it could stand to feel again – that’s why the Heart-Wall made perfect sense at the time. But until you take it down, you’ll be trapped behind it to some degree, less able to reach out and connect with people, even the people you love most.

People’s lives and the lives of their children and their families have been completely transformed when their Heart-Walls have been removed.  About thirty percent of the time, the effects of releasing a Heart-Wall are very apparent and immediately noticeable, but most of the time the results are subtle, and the changes in a person’s life appear gradually, in ways that they themselves might not immediately recognize.

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