How to Release a Trapped Emotion

This is an exciting page because I have put together a couple videos to help you learn how to release your own trapped emotions. This will be dependent upon how well you have practice and are comfortable with either muscle testing or sway testing.

The most important aspect is to trust your findings and keep moving forward, do not overthink, you are working with the subconscious so using your thinking brain is going to interfere.

This of it this way – what would it hurt to accept what you find?

This first video walks you through how to ask the questions to locate and to
release trapped emotions in your heart wall:

The second video shows you how to ask questions for different issues, after the heart wall is removed:

The following charts are downloadable and printable at the bottom of the images – you will need these to help you ask the questions and find the emotions to release:


Download Charts:
Download Question Chart
Download Emotion Chart