A Little Bit of Info

Although we would love to talk to everyone by phone before your first session, it has become
increasingly near impossible to do that with so many free session requests.

So, we want to make this as personal and as comfortable of an experience as possible by making videos along the way to help you get through this process with real people guiding you!  (We figure video is better than just reading text!)

By submitting your info, you are giving us permission to do your free session by proxy and an email report of the findings will be emailed to you.   If you feel uncomfortable with this,  email us prior to sending your info to ask for a phone call first.

If you can’t see the form below, go to your email and find another email from me requesting the following info:

1.  Your full name.
2.  Your age at this time, and birthdate.
3.  Spouse’s name, if applicable.  Past and present. How long married.
4.  Number of brothers.
5.  Number of sisters.
6.  Number of daughters.
7.  Number of sons.
8.  Any issues you would like to share.
9.  Your email address, phone and time zone.

REMINDER: Sending your info will serve as permission for us to do the work on your behalf.