Happy New Year from Eliza and Mike!

We hope you enjoyed the last two videos!  We had fun putting them together for you.  🙂   I think my friend Mike did a great job considering that these videos were his first time in front of the camera!  If you missed  them, they are included at the bottom of this page.

We would like to urge you to make clearing your trapped emotions a high priority in your life.  You just never know what kind of havoc trapped emotions are causing you physically, mentally and spiritually!

The  last two videos we created for you will teach you how to locate and release trapped emotions on your own.  We strongly urge you to try to learn how to do this for yourself.  The world would be a healthier and happier place if we were all clearing these negative energies that controls our lives in diverse and unknown ways.   Your world would dramatically improve, and you will be a joy and a light to others who you will feel inspired to help.

Many of you have expressed frustration in learning how to be confident in the muscle testing art of this process – we recommend that  you relax and just keep practicing – it will come!  Until then, if you really want to start clearing your trapped emotions, we are offering a super deep discount to help you get a jump start!

For the month of January,  we have reduced the $67 proxy session down to only $37!  This is an opportunity for you to get started right away at a more affordable price.   There is a minimum purchase of 3 sessions and you can purchase this bundle of 3 as many times as you need during the entire month of January!   (Remember, the goal is to wean yourself off of needing a practitioner and doing this on  your own.)  Until then, you are welcome to take advantage of our reduced proxy sessions!


$37 Proxy Sessions!

Here are the links to the previous videos if you missed them: