The Emotional Wellness Program

If you are on this page, then you were invited to participate in a special program we put together for those who are interested in continuing to release trapped emotions related to physical, spiritual and mental health.

The reason we are offering this program is because we have seen miracles happen in clients lives and in our own lives when trapped emotions are released with persistence.  The miracles we have seen happen did not happen over night, they happened over time and with persistent work in releasing trapped emotions.

Our most profound work is with our own son, age 18, recently diagnosed with cancer.  The Emotion Code has changed his life, our lives and all those who love him and are taking care of him.

We have experienced and witnessed immediate, short term, long term, temporary, permanent and residual results from releasing trapped emotions and we believe that being on a continued program will give you the most profound, long lasting results from this work.

For this reason, we have come to believe there is another dimension in the Emotion Code that is overlooked and can only be reached through continued investigation of the “initial, conscious issue” by discovering the related “layered, subconscious issues”.

With that said, we also know that paying for continued releases can be hard to afford at the normal practitioner prices, or even with the occasional special prices.  After holding a family meeting, we all decided and agreed upon dedicating a certain number of hours each week to taking a deep reduction in session fees for those who want to release trapped emotions on a regular basis.

We will only accept as many clients on this program as we can to fill our allocated hours, so if you are interested in this program, I recommend acting as soon as possible.

How does it work?

It’s really easy, and we feel is very fair,  affordable and flexible.

We see this as a two-way, win-win, situation.
We are willing to stretch a little beyond our financial comfort zone to help you get on a regular schedule of
releasing trapped emotions, and in turn we sincerely hope we have come up with a fair program that you will find
easy to afford, with very little, if any, stretch out of your financial comfort zone.

Here is the plan in 2 easy steps:

1.  Purchase 3 sessions for only $37.00 per session – for a low total of only $111!

2.  Purchase as many times as you need, but purchase at least once a month to participate in this program.  (Honor system)

It’s super easy, and will ensure you are getting continued emotional care with the flexibility of getting as many sessions as you can afford or as many as you need each month without breaking the bank!

Here is the link to get started:
The Emotional Wellness Program

Purchasing at least once a month will keep you at this price. Again, purely on the honor system.