Complete Heart Wall Removal

Why does Dr. Nelson recommend removing your heart wall?

  • Have more clarity and feel a heavy burden lifted – immediately.
  • Clear emotional  blocks that impede healing from health conditions.
  • Improve relationships with friends and loved ones.
  • Make confident, final decisions without being wishy washy!
  • Go after your dreams without feeling blocked.
  • Attract the perfect companion!
  • Clear blocks to abundance and start receiving what you deserve!
  • Heightened spiritual awareness.
Note:  Any, several or all of these scenarios can be improved just by having your heart wall removal, which is why it is recommended before targeting specific issues.

Many of our clients report these profound changes in their lives almost immediately, and more changes are reported as time goes by.   Having your heart wall removed is an eye-opening experience and one that you will find yourself in awe of. We highly recommend everyone to have this done prior to working on any other issues.

To encourage removing your heart wall before other work is done, we have made it very affordable to do this by giving you a flat fee for an entire heart wall removal, no matter how many sessions it takes.  It takes about 5-7 session for a heart wall to be removed.  Our fees are normally $67 per session for proxy sessions which can make this removal quite expensive between $335-$469.

However, we are offering an entire heart wall removal for only $227, no matter how many sessions it takes for the rest of this month.  We hope this will help your pocketbook, as well as help you make the decision to do something extra special for yourself.

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