Welcome Friends of Bill Henderson




Bill Henderson and Eliza Steeple

Dear Friends of Bill Henderson,

First of all, my family and I would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and your healing journey. My name is Eliza Steeple and we believe that as we move through life, we are led and directed to places where we can find answers. We hope that your time here will help you find or get closer to the answers you are seeking.

You could be seeking answers for yourself, or for a loved one. Regardless of the reason, we are here to help you understand how the Emotion Code option could be a very powerful addition to your healing journey.

The Emotion Code modality is a very powerful tool that identifies and releases negative emotions that target very specific issues.     There are many specific issues when dealing with a potentially deadly disease.   One in particular, emotional stress, can be a huge contributing factor in one’s ability to heal.

As mutual friends of Bill Henderson, and in an effort to reach out to those with or coping with a loved one with cancer we invite you, to receive a complimentary session so you can experience first hand what this could do for you or your loved one.

We invite you to request your free session below: