Basic Arm Test Demo

Correction: In the video when I am pressing down on Jay’s arm, I explained that “I am adding resistance”… I meant to say “I am adding pressure”. When you watch the video, you will see exactly what I mean and it will make sense.

Step by Step Tips:

1. Ask the subject you wish to test to stand up and hold one arm out directly in front of them, horizontal to the floor. They should not make a tight fist, but let their hand remain relaxed.

2. Place the first two fingers of your hand lightly on their arm, just above their wrist as shown.

3. Place your free hand on their opposite shoulder to support them, and for comfort.

4. Tell the subject “I’m going to have you make a statement, and then I’m going to press down on your arm. I want you to gently resist me by holding your arm right where it is.”

5. Have the subject state their name. If the subject’s name is Jay, for example, he would say, “My name is Jay”.

6. Perform the muscle test by smoothly and steadily increasing the pressure downward on the subjects’ arm, going from no pressure to a fairly firm pressure within about 3 seconds.

7. The shoulder joint should stay ‘locked’ against your firm downward pressure, and should not give way.

8. You can continue the test by having the subject stating a name that is not his, test again, and arm should give to your pressure.

It takes practice to really feel the difference in mucle responses. I have found that everyone responds differently, and in some cases, some people are not testable.