A very nice woman, in her early 50’s called me late one night and in tears. She had just heard about the Emotion Code through a radio show, found me on Dr. Nelson’s site and had high hopes of releasing what she described as a “dark force” always present with her. She felt that this force prevented her from having relationships, experiencing success and from finding any joy or happiness in her life.

In her crisis, I didn’t have the heart to have her hang up and go through the normal steps of setting up a session, so I worked on her immediately. As I connected to her energy, I too felt this darkness she described. I proceeded to released some very strong emotions that occurred at the age of 46 – 9 of them! After each release, we both felt the “dark” energy lessen in intensity.

After 9 releases, her body was unable to release anything further. She thanked me and with the lateness of the evening, we both went to bed.

The next day, she reported having a very peaceful night, however, she didn’t sleep. Her body decided to process and literally release these emotions in the form of “having to go to the bathroom” all night. This is not a normal symptom of releasing trapped emotions, but these were do dramatic to her that this is the way her body processed them.

She reported that throughout the next day, she felt better than she felt in years. She reported that she didn’t struggle getting up in the morning and exercising. She felt 10 pounds lighter!

After a few days, she wanted to do another session to make sure we got “all” of it. She intuitively felt that there was a little more left regarding this “dark” cloud and sure enough, we found and released 8 more over the course of two more sessions.

Today she is a happy camper and we are now starting to work on removing her heart wall.