Author – Lisa Angelettie M.S.W.

1. You are eating everything in sight
During the holidays, we are making all sorts of buttery, sugary, calorie-laden dishes and desserts – and there is no harm in indulging. But if you find yourself eating all day or binging at night, then something emotional is probably going on.

2. You are procrastinating about shopping.
If you find yourself saying, “I just can’t do it today”, everyday – then you are headed for the blues. You are attempting to avoid all blatant reminders of the holidays – and shopping for presents is a big one.

3. You ride past your house.

In a mad dash during this holiday season? To the stores. To relatives. To the bank. To your children’s holiday celebrations etc. You are headed for a big old stress meltdown, which can lead to a chronic case of the blues.

4. You cry at every Christmas song on the radio.
Is every rendition of Silent Night making you cry your eyes out? All these holiday songs and/or television commercials are driving you crazy because they are bringing up something nostalgic or something painful about the holidays. Whether it’s a deceased relative that won’t be there with you this year or a reminder of the first Christmas after your divorce or your parents’ divorce – you are probably feeling a little low right now.

5. You are asking yourself – what is the point of decorating this year.
Something has you down about this holiday season, and you don’t really see the point of doing anything to celebrate it. You may be lonely this year. You may be in a bad financial situation. You may have lost a loved one. Maybe you didn’t have the child you expected you would have by now. Whatever the case, you will scream if you see one more house with Rudolph on the lawn.

Remember that holiday blues are just feelings of depression that exist during specific times and are often related to what the holiday means or meant to the person. These blues should subside after the season has passed and even earlier if you work on ridding yourself of them!

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